PureCare Sterilizer (Coming soon)

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1)Complete Sterilization: High-temperature steam ensures thorough sterilization inside and out.

2)Quick Drying: 360° hot air circulation dries bottles rapidly for immediate use.

3)Large Capacity: Sterilize multiple bottles at once, saving time.

4)Easy Operation: Simple spin button controls for hassle-free sterilization.

5)Always Ready: 24-hour storage function and cycle sterilization ensure your bottles are ready whenever you need them.

User Manual

Assembly Methods

  1. Place the Base: Ensure the base is horizontal on a flat surface.
  2. Add Water: Pour the appropriate amount of water into the heating plate according to the function being used. Refer to the table on page 3 for specific amounts.
    • Note: Water is not needed for the drying function alone.
    • Caution: Ensure the water level does not exceed the air outlet to prevent damage to the internal components.

Use of Disinfection Function

Assembly 1: Applicable to Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

  • Components: Sterilization bucket, accessory basket, storage rack, and lid.
  • Instructions: Place these components on the base in sequence.
  • Placement of Items: Place items to be disinfected in the disinfection bucket and on the shelves. Disassemble bottles and place them with the mouth facing down for best results.

Assembly 2: Applicable to Larger Items (Plates, Tall Milk Bottles, etc.)

  • Components: Accessory basket and one storage rack.
  • Instructions: Remove the accessory basket and one storage rack to sterilize bowls, plates, tall bottles, and other larger items.

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