Milkmate Pouch


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✓ Leak-Proof Technology

✓ Versatile & Easy

✓  Temperature Sensing

✓ Travel Friendly

What’s in the box?
20pcs Milkmate Pouch (200ml/pcs)
Free 2 Adapters (Narrow & Wide)

Versatile and Easy

  • Store breastmilk: Seal breast milk in a pouch with a cap for storage.
  • Direct feed baby: Attach an adapter to connect the bottle cap to the pouch for direct feeding to the baby.
  • Direct Pump: Connect the pump’s top part to the pouch using an adapter to pump milk directly.

Temperature Sensing

  • Light Purple – Cold, suitable for storage or refrigeration.
  • Light Blue – Ready, perfect temperature for feeding
  • Colourless – Hot, milk is too hot and needs to be cooled down before feeding

User Manual

Direct Pump

  1. Connect: Attach the MilkMate pouch to the appropriate adapter (wide/narrow), then connect it to the top of your breast pump.
  2. Pump: Start pumping your breast milk directly into the pouch.
  3. Detach: Once done, remove the pouch from the adapter and breast pump.
  4. Seal: Securely close the MilkMate pouch with the screw cap and store it at a suitable temperature.

Direct Feed

  1. Prepare: Remove the screw cap from the MilkMate pouch.
  2. Connect: Attach the MilkMate pouch with the appropriate adapter (wide/narrow) to the teat (top part) of a baby bottle.
  3. Feed: Feed your baby directly from the MilkMate pouch attached to the bottle teat.


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