Intelligent Milk Warmer FAQs

Yes. Once it is fully charged, it can be used as a portable warmer.

Some bottles need an adapter to connect to Momama device, you may choose the adapter that is suitable for your baby’s bottle HERE  If it is not on the list, please contact us at messenger chat at the bottom right corner. 

 It is not designed for frozen milk.

It is recommended to heat the water before mixing formula.

Approximately 2-4 heating cycles depending on the temperature and volume of milk.

Momama will stop heating at the selected temperature and maintain the liquid at the selected temperature. It will hold that temp until the battery runs out.

No, it is designed to heat and maintain at safe temperatures for breastmilk (37 degrees Celsius), where breastmilk nutrients are maintained.

Yes. It can work warm-up fresh milk.

37°C – 40°C for breastmilk, protein powder and probiotics.
40°C – 45°C for milk powder/ water

Odour-free Nappy FAQs

1.Insert the nappy into the opening of the rotating cover.
2.Rotate the handle.
3.Always flip the handle to the ready-to-use position.

1.Replace the 20-30 litre plastic bag with a new one.
2.Insert the plastic bag into the bag holder on the ring.
3.Place the lid on the bag holder ring and fasten it on the bin by turning it clockwise

Momama Odour-Free Nappy Bin can hold up to 25 nappies, depending on their size.

Yes, our Momama Odour-Free Bag is compatible with all other brands of bags, including mesh! However, we recommend using our Momama Odour-Free Bag to help with the odour lock. Our Momama Odour-Free Bags use special odour stop material, with a 3 Layer wall system and circular bottom, which prevents fluid and odour leaks and is guaranteed last for 3 weeks.

No, because this patented Odour-Free Nappy Bin is to trap odour and avoid the odours, germs, and bacteria spread to your baby’s room or living room. The innovative sealing and “odour stop” system is practical and smartly designed to provide the best ergonomic and hygienic utility.