Odour-Free Nappy Bin (Pigeon Blue)


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✓ Odour-Free and hygienic

✓ Large storage capacity

✓ Easy to Use, Dispose & Clean

✓ Fits any plastic bags


The Momama Odour Free Nappy Bin is a safe and convenient way to dispose of your baby’s soiled diapers. The bin has an airtight seal that prevents odours from escaping, ensuring that the smell doesn’t permeate through your home. It also keeps bacteria out, which can be harmful to both you and your little one! The Momama Odour Free Nappy Bin may be used with any standard plastic bag, saving you money on refills. The “Odour free diaper disposal bin” prevents unwanted odours, thanks to its patented “odour lock” technology and smart seals, limiting the spread of unpleasant odours. It’s also simple to clean. Once the bag is filled, it may be easily removed and discarded. The Nappy Bin is small in size and has a minimal footprint. It can hold up to 25 nappies. This can vary depending on the size of the nappies. The Momama Odour free nappy bin’s compact design allows it to be placed in a child’s room, a cupboard, or the bathroom. It’s also perfect for cotton wool, wipes, and other personal sanitary items, so it may be used as a hygienic bin after your baby has stopped wearing nappies. Easy and simple to use with only 3 basic actions, can be done in one hand while carrying baby.


Model: Momama Odour-free nappy bin
Storage Capacity: 25pcs of diapers (Based on the use of size)
Product Size: 44.2 cm (h) x 22.9 cm (w)
Nett Weight: 1.62 kgs

User Manual

How To Use

  1. Insert the nappy into the opening of the rotating cover.
  2. Rotate the handle.
  3. Always flip the handle to the ready-to-use position.


  1. Replace the 20-30 litre plastic bag with a new one.
  2. Insert the plastic bag into the bag holder on the ring.
  3. Place the lid on the bag holder ring and fasten it on the bin by turning it clockwise


✓ 100% Odour Stop
✓ 3 Recyclable Plastic Layers
✓ 60% More Competitive than Cassette or Refills



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