Momama Intelligent Milk Warmer (White)


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✓  Fit 80% of Bottles In The Market

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✓ Less Reheating With 3 Different Temperature Controls Up To 6 Hours

✓ Food-Grade Stainless Heating Plate with Silicone Cover

✓ Type C Cable Wireless Charging

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Momama Intelligent Milk Warmer ensures your on-the-go feeding and night feeds are easier and more convenient with 3 temperature settings and a quick heat transfer design. Momama aims to make technology accessible to more mommies and daddies. Feed your baby with the ideal temperature milk anytime, anywhere. Safe and stress-free, High-quality yet affordable, Convenient with less fuss.


Model: BW-EGS100
Storage Capacity: 150g
Product Size: 70x70x70mm
Input Voltage: 5V
Max Power: 24W
Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
Output Capacity: 1 scoop (8-10g)
Nett Weight: 342g

User Manual

Guide: Usage and Cleaning

Steps to use

  1. Pour clean water into baby bottle.
  2. Place warmer upside down, correctly install the warmer and bottle.
  3. Long press for 2 seconds to power on.
  4. Press the button once to select temperature.
  5. Heat for 8-16 minutes.
  6. Keep warm by constant heating.

Bottle warmer can keep liquid content warm for 2-6 hours after a full charge.
The actual warming time depends on the storage environment and other factors.



How to clean

Turn off the device while cleaning

  1. Unplug The USB Cable.
  2. Press And Hold For 2 Seconds To Turn Off Power.
  3. Clean And Dry The Stainless-Steel Parts.

Note: Do Not Immerse It In Water To Clean. Make Sure That The Waterproof Cover Is Properly Sealed During Cleaning.

Formula Dispenser

  1. Uninstall The Dispenser Cap, Body, Nozzle, And Output Controlling Parts.
  2. Wash With Water And Boil To Sterilize (As Shown In The Figure).


  1. Mix White Vinegar With Cold Water To Descale The Bottle Warmer.
  2. Allow The Warmer To Heat For 30 Minutes.
  3. Leave The Solution In The Bottle Warmer Until All Scale Has Dissolved.
  4. Clean And Dry The Stainless Steel Contact Thoroughly.

Using Citric Acid Based Descalers Is Highly Encouraged. Do Not Use Other Types Of Descalers.