1. Is Momama Portable?

Yes. Once it is fully charged, it can be used as a portable warmer.

2. How to check whether my bottle needs an adapter?

Some bottles need an adapter to connect to Momama device, you may choose the adapter that is suitable for your baby’s bottle HERE  If it is not on the list, please contact us at messenger chat at the bottom right corner. 

3. Can It defrost frozen milk?

 It is not designed for frozen milk.

4. Do I mix formula first or heat water first?

It is recommended to heat the water before mixing formula.

5. How many heating cycles after it is fully charged?

Approximately 2-4 heating cycles depending on the temperature and volume of milk.

6. Can I use the warmer while charging?

Yes of course.

7. What happens when Momama reaches the set temperature?

Momama will stop heating at the selected temperature and maintain the liquid at the selected temperature. It will hold that temp until the battery runs out.

8. Will Momama damage my breastmilk?

No, it is designed to heat and maintain at safe temperatures for breastmilk (37 degrees Celsius), where breastmilk nutrients are maintained.

9. Will it work for fresh milk?

Yes. It can work warm-up fresh milk.

10. Can I use it to heat up puree?


11. What is the ideal milk temperature?

37°C – 40°C for breastmilk, protein powder and probiotics.
40°C – 45°C for milk powder/ water